Conference Schedule

9.00   Registration

9.30   Introduction

Tom Penfold and Rebecca Jones (University of Birmingham)

9.50   Opening Address

Dr Paulo Fernando de Moraes Farias (University of Birmingham)

10.15 Panel 1

Chair – Jovia Salifu

Identity and Self-Exaltation: Fundamental Weapons in Combating Racism in the Black Atlantic

Sandra Nwokocha (University of Birmingham)

Othering the Muslim Woman: “Islamicis[ing] the process of ‘writing back’” in Leila Aboulela’s Minaret, The Translator, and Coloured Lights.

Roxanne Bibizadeh (University of Warwick)

11.15  Break

11.45  Panel 2

Chair – David Kerr

“Marconigrams of the Congo”: the Tetela Slit-gong drum and Representation in the Emil Torday Expedition

Rebekah Sheppard (University of East Anglia/Sainsbury Research Unit)

Translations of African Art: The use of Translation Studies as a methodology for the reception of African Art in imperial Germany

Manuela Husemann (University of East Anglia)

12.45 Lunch

Rodney Hilton Library (3rd floor, Arts Building)

13.45  Panel 3

Chair – Tom Penfold

Guineidade and orality in the lusophone prose of Abdulai Sila and Odete Costa Semedo

Francesca Frascina (University of Birmingham)

The Mauritian Re-appropriation of Paul Et Virginie

Rashi Rohatgi (School of Oriental and African Studies)

14.45 Break

15.00 The Ghana Place Names project and ‘Going Local’ roundtable

Chairs – Tom Penfold and Rebecca Jones

The Ghana Place Names project

John Turl, Project Manager

‘Going Local’ roundtable

15.45  Break

16.00 Panel 4

Chair – Plangsat Dayil

Locating the Local Between Text and Circulation:  Networks and History in the Short Stories of A. Igoni Barrett and Parselelo Kantai

Kate Haines (University of Sussex)

When an African Novel is too African for its own Good

Jennifer Makumbi (Lancaster University)

17.00 Closing address

17.15 Conference ends

18.00 Conference dinner

All are invited; please contact Tom or Rebecca if you’d like to come


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